Crowns and Bridges in Mirrabooka

woman smiling while leaning on couchWhen teeth are damaged or missing, this can interfere with your ability to chew properly and even speak clearly. With today’s modern dental restorations, such as crowns and bridges, you can repair your smile with relative ease.

Dental Crowns to Repair a Damaged Tooth

One of the most common reasons for a dental crown is to fix a tooth that has been compromised by a large filling. These often occur in the back molars of the mouth. Every time you get a filling, some of the tooth surface, including the tooth decay, has to be removed before the filling is placed. With a big enough filling, there isn’t much left of the tooth structure. Once the filling starts to fail, capping the tooth with a dental crown will protect what remains of the tooth and give it back its strength.

We also use dental crowns to repair a tooth that has been broken or otherwise damaged or to cover up a tooth that is badly stained and resistant to teeth bleaching.

E-MAX Crowns

If you have a dental crown, you may have noticed a grey margin between your dental crown and the gumline. With E-MAX crowns, a type of all-ceramic crown, there is no grey line to detract from the beauty of your restoration. Not only does this type of crown have natural-looking translucency that mimics a real tooth, but it is strong and durable. This type of crown is more likely to last longer and be less susceptible to cracks or fractures. 

Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth

It can be tempting not to worry about missing teeth if you are only missing one or two—and especially if they are in the back of your mouth where they are not readily visible. But even one missing tooth can put all of the teeth in your mouth in jeopardy. Here’s why.

Man smiling while sitting along lake in the woodsPicture your teeth like a shelf of books. When one or two books are removed, the rest of the books fall over to fill in the space. This happens when there are gaps in your smile, as well. Over time, your remaining teeth tend to shift to fill in the space left by the teeth that are missing. This can impact the way you chew, leading to uneven wear on your remaining teeth. Ultimately, you might be putting yourself at risk of losing even more teeth.

A dental bridge acts as a connector that fills the gap in your smile. Each side of the bridge is attached to a tooth adjacent to the space and features natural-looking false teeth to blend in with your smile. Your smile is fixed—and your remaining teeth are protected.

Learn More about Crowns and Bridges in Mirrabooka

Find out more about restoring the form and function of your smile with modern dental restorations such as crowns and bridges. We welcome your call to our Mirrabooka, WA dental surgery to find out how you can chew and speak properly.