Preventive Dentistry in Mirrabooka

Happy family smiling At Western Smiles Dental Care, we cannot emphasise to our patients enough the importance of a good preventive care programme. When people visit the dentist on a twice-a-year schedule, they can often avoid many of the dental issues that can come up when they put off check-ups and cleans. Most dental conditions and diseases are preventable.

At our Mirrabooka, WA dental clinic, our goal is to provide high-quality preventive care that can help our patients avoid serious dental conditions and enjoy healthy smiles.

Comprehensive Dental Examinations and Care

Many people wonder why they need to see the dentist twice a year if they are not experiencing any dental issues. What’s important to remember is that many times, dental problems lurk beneath the surface without any signs or symptoms. With regular check-ups, our experienced dentist can often spot these issues while still in their earliest stages and treatment is less invasive—and less expensive.

We often recommend that low-dose digital screening x-rays are taken every two years to identify early stages of dental disease that is not visible to the eye. We will also check for any abnormalities of the mouth that could be an early sign of oral cancer or another condition.

Another reason to see the dentist regularly is to help ensure that gums are healthy. It’s impossible to know if your gums are healthy without regular check-ups since periodontal disease can be present without symptoms. Often by the time symptoms start showing up, the disease has progressed to a dangerous level that can put patients at risk for tooth loss.

Dental Cleans in Mirrabooka

Even those who are consistent about brushing twice a day and flossing daily will still develop plaque build-up that cannot be removed with a regular toothbrush. When not removed by special dental tools at twice-annual visits to the dentist, plaque hardens into calculus. This calculus can lead to both tooth decay and gum disease.

For patients who are diagnosed with gum disease, an in-depth examination of the gums may be required, so the areas of disease can be identified and treated. An individualised treatment plan will be determined to restore and maintain your gum health.

Little girl standing in front of her grandmaMinimising Dentistry Needs

Waiting too long between recall appointments can lead to oral health problems and more invasive dental treatments. A small dental filling is better for a tooth and the family budget than root canal treatment.

We understand many anxious patients may avoid visiting a dentist. Our caring and understanding team at Western Smiles Dental Care have earned the trust of many anxious patients, enabling them to attend regularly for preventive care.

We Look forward to Seeing You for Your Next Check-Up and Clean

If you are concerned because it’s been a while since your last visit with the dentist, we’d like to assure you that Western Smiles Dental Care is a judgment-free dental clinic. Our goal is to put you on the path to enjoying good oral health in the future—not to make you feel embarrassed.

If dental anxiety is keeping you from picking up the phone to arrange a booking, we welcome you to call Dr Duke and his team at Western Smiles Dental Care. He excels at quelling even the deepest dental fears, and he is happy to talk about this with you.