Cosmetic Dentistry in Mirrabooka

close up of woman's bright smileYour smile is often one of the first things others will notice about you, and if you don’t smile because you don’t like the way your teeth look, you could be sending the wrong message. Having a smile you love to show can sometimes impact how others perceive you—and how you feel about yourself.

Cosmetic dentistry might seem like treatment reserved only for the rich or famous, but procedures today are within reach for many people. Cosmetic dentistry at our Western Smiles dental clinic can be as simple as tooth whitening or as complete as full mouth reconstruction.

Professional Tooth Whitening

Teeth bleaching is one of our most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments because it can provide quick results and is budget-friendly for many patients. We offer both in-chair and take-home whitening kits using Philips Zoom technology. Both options can boost the whiteness of teeth, giving patients confidence and taking years off their appearance.

Tooth-Coloured Fillings in Mirrabooka

Gone are the days of grey metal fillings to put a stop to the decay in a tooth. Today’s tooth-coloured fillings are designed to blend in seamlessly with the natural tooth. Even large fillings in the back molars are virtually invisible.

Tooth-coloured fillings provide additional benefits. Because the composite material is bonded to the tooth in layers, they can provide additional strength to the tooth. Another advantage is that less of the tooth structure needs to be removed before placement of the filling. They are usually not as sensitive to hot and cold as are amalgam fillings.

Dental Bonding

The same composite material used for tooth-coloured fillings can also be used to make small repairs to teeth. If you have a chip or a crack in your tooth, dental bonding can provide a natural-looking, quick fix. We can also fix gaps and other aesthetic issues, usually in just one appointment.

Older man and woman snuggling on couchCrowns and Bridges

No one has to live with missing or damaged teeth that can negatively impact your lifestyle. Dental crowns can repair a tooth that is broken, fractured, or otherwise damaged, providing an aesthetic look, as the tooth crown will blend in with your natural tooth.

Missing teeth are not considered attractive, and they can lead to more tooth loss if we don't fill the space left behind. A dental bridge attaches to the teeth adjacent to the gap, literally bridging it with prosthetic teeth. Dental bridges blend in well and give patients back their chewing and speaking function.

Dental Implants

Another possibility for replacing missing teeth is dental implants. Implants are a solid tooth replacement option because they are designed to replace a missing tooth root and integrate into the jawbone. Their permanent stability and natural look make them function almost like a natural tooth.

Patients who are missing one or both arches and who opt for dentures can also benefit from the stability of implants with implant-supported dentures. In most cases, four dental implants are placed to hold the dentures into place, providing patients with the best of both tooth replacement options.

We Offer Cosmetic Dentistry in Mirrabooka

We invite you to consider cosmetic dentistry treatments at our Mirrabooka, WA dental clinic so you can enjoy smiling again. Learn more by booking a cosmetic consultation with Dr Duke.