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Top Cosmetic Dental Services

March 23, 2022
Posted By: Western Smiles Dental Care
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Do you ever wonder how cosmetic dentistry could augment your smile? Maybe you’d like to do something about life’s effects on your teeth. Western Smiles Dental Care offers patients a plethora of cosmetic dental services that can do wonders for their smiles.

Why Consider Cosmetic Dental Services?

For various reasons, our teeth may require fixing. In some cases, lifestyle can affect how our smile looks, or mild traumas can chip or alter the shape of teeth. In addition, many patients take great care of their oral hygiene but still suffer from unwanted cosmetic aspects. Here are some common instances that may require cosmetic dental services.

  • Misshapen teeth
  • Staining or yellowing
  • Minor chips and cracks

Effective Cosmetic Dentistry in Mirrabooka, WA

We understand that patients can feel excellent with restored imperfections in their teeth. For that reason, we offer several highly effective cosmetic dental treatments that can successfully transform damaged smiles. Some of the top cosmetic dental procedures include:

What Are The Benefits Associated With Cosmetic Dentistry?

Whilst cosmetic procedures are generally optional, they can brighten smiles and positively affect other aspects of patients’ lives. Benefits include:

  • The removal of stains from teeth (stains may be caused by smoking, drinking tea, coffee, or red wine).
  • Improved self-esteem in social situations or photographs
  • Improved gum health (in the case of patients with missing teeth)
  • Improvement in overall oral health

Patients can show a smile that they’ve put time and effort into, and some procedures like dental bridges, crowns and implants can positively benefit other aspects of oral health.

We Invite You to Contact Your Cosmetic Dentist in Mirrabooka, WA

We warmly welcome all patients looking to brighten and rejuvenate their smiles to contact our dental practice. Patients can arrange an initial consultation online or call us on (08) 9349 3688.