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Why Do I Need a Dental Crown?

February 16, 2021
Posted By: Western Smiles Dental Care
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Your dentist in Mirrabooka recommends a dental crown for various reasons—everything from a weak tooth to a cosmetic flaw. Our tooth crowns also work in conjunction with other dental technologies to restore smiles.

A dental crown is a custom tooth cover designed to mimic a natural tooth's look and function.  

5 Reasons You May Need a Tooth Crown in Mirrabooka

  1. Your dentist may recommend a dental crown following root canal treatment if your tooth has been weakened or damaged due to injury or root infection. This restores stability and protects your tooth from fracturing when you eat or bite down.
  2. A tooth that is significantly chipped may be vulnerable to further breakage. Your dentist may opt to treat the tooth and fit it with a dental crown for safety.
  3. In cosmetic dentistry, we can place a dental crown over an unattractive tooth that is discoloured or misshapen, allowing for an aesthetically pleasing look.
  4. If you have missing teeth, our tooth crowns can anchor a bridge of restoring teeth across your smile gap to give you a full and functioning smile.
  5. It is also the dental crown that caps your dental implant, behaving like a natural tooth.

The E-MAX Dental Crown Process

At Western Smiles Dental Care, we use E-MAX tooth crowns because they are made of ceramic, which means no grey discolouration near the gumline. E-MAX crowns are also translucent or natural-looking to resemble a real tooth, and they are built to last.

The dental crown process finds your dentist treating your tooth—either shaping or removing infection and decay—in preparation for 'capping' with your custom E-MAX dental crown. The crown is then bonded over your tooth to the gumline, allowing you to enjoy your meals again.

For Tooth Crowns in Mirrabooka, We Encourage Your Call

If you have a fractured or discoloured tooth, or if you would like more information, a member of our team is standing by to help you today.