Children's Dentistry in Mirrabooka

Children experience many milestones as they grow up, and their first visit to the dental clinic is one of them. If you are a parent of a young child, you might be wondering when it is the best time to start bringing kids to the dentist. At Western Smiles Dental Care, Dr Peter Duke recommends that children begin twice-yearly visits to the dental clinic around the age of three. By the time kids are three years old, they are usually mature enough to sit still in the chair for a while, absorb and process a new environment and can understand what is happening around them.

young girl smilingDr Duke enjoys treating children and has extensive experience in doing so. He and his entire team know how to communicate well with children, and they go out of their way to ensure that a kid’s first time at the dentist is fun. Parents often report that after their visit, their children will ask, ‘When can I go and see Dr Peter again?’

Taking kids to the dentist early also tends to alleviate much of the dental anxiety many adults experience. Children who grow accustomed to the dentist early also tend to become adults who take good care of their oral health and see the dentist regularly.

Education for Mums, Dads and Kids for Better Oral Health

We believe that an educated patient is better equipped to take good care of their oral health and to make informed decisions about recommended treatment. The earlier this knowledge is shared, the better.

When your children lack the dexterity to brush and floss their own teeth effectively, we can show you how to help ensure that little mouths are being cleaned properly. Later, when kids are able to brush and floss on their own, we can show them how to do it right.

Early dental visits also mean we can address any issues, whether it’s tooth decay, thumb-sucking, crowding, malpositioned teeth or teeth grinding. Finding solutions to these problems can have a positive impact on adult teeth.

Preventive Dental Care Is Key for Kids Too

As with adults, some children are simply more prone to developing tooth decay, but with treatments such as fluoride and sealants, we can help prevent cavities. These procedures are non-invasive and involve no scary needles or drilling, and they go a long way in protecting oral health.

Fluoride treatment can help teeth stay strong and resistant to decay. Dental sealants are applied to the deep grooves of the back molars, acting as a protective barrier from the formation of bacteria.

Let Us Help Your Kids Feel Positive About the Dentist in Mirrabooka

We welcome your call to book a dental appointment for your child. At Western Smiles Dental Care, we strive to provide the best in dental care for all patients—from the youngest to the oldest. Learn more about children’s dentistry at our dental surgery by calling Western Smiles Dental Care.