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How to keep teeth white after professional whitening?

Have you considered a brighter, cleaner look for your smile? Many patients in the Mirrabooka area have taken advantage of effective teeth whitening procedures that can truly make a difference. But what happens afterward?

woman smiling after getting teeth whitenedKeeping Your Teeth White Post-Procedure

When performed correctly, a professional teeth whitening procedure can remove surface stains and deeper, harder-to-reach ones and ultimately leave you with a brighter smile. Maintaining this look helps keep your teeth bright and potentially saves money and time in the long run by avoiding frequent whitening appointments. Teeth tend to stain over time, but keeping them white may be easier if we take care of them and watch our diets and lifestyle habits.

Tips for Maintaining a Bright Smile

  • Regular brushing, flossing, and use of mouthwash
  • Avoidance of foods and beverages that stain, like wine, coffee, or berries
  • Consider using a straw if you do decide to consume acidic beverages
  • Avoidance of using tobacco products
  • Regular visits to the dentist for thorough cleanings

Teeth Whitening in Mirrabooka

We want our professional whitening services to deliver lasting results to our patients! During an initial consultation, we can discuss what is best before, during and after the process for your personal dental needs.

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