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Do dental implants look and feel like real teeth?

Sadly, people lose their teeth for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes teeth fall out over time due to neglect of overall oral health. Other times, accidents happen, and teeth even get knocked out or damaged due to trauma. There is no need to stress if you’ve found yourself in either of these situations! Here at Western Smiles Dental Care, we specialise in dental implants to help fill those gaps and bring your smile back to life.

Benefits of Dental Implants

When it comes to tooth replacement, dental implants can help restore a smile and overall dental health. Some benefits include:

  • No more gaps
  • Protection of healthy jawbone
  • Restored speaking ability
  • Brighter, happier-looking smiles 
  • Permanent stability for your new tooth
  • Cosmetic dental improvement potentially leads to increased self-esteem
  • Safeguard existing teeth around dental implants

Implants feel the most life-like and natural of all options available to replace missing teeth. They feel secure and stable, and you can bite and chew comfortably on them. 

Dental Implants in Mirrabooka

Dental implants serve as an incredibly ‘life-like’ version of regular teeth both function and feel. We provide optimal care and service to our patients in Mirrabooka and beyond to get their smiles back on track!

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