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I am very nervous about visiting the dentist; how can you help?

Whereas some dental surgeries simply offer sedation dentistry to help calm anxious patients, our Mirrabooka, WA dental clinic takes another approach that is more about relationship-building. Dr Peter Duke is a firm believer that much of dental anxiety lies in the unknown—not only the unknown about the procedure but about the team of dental professionals who will be performing it.  

woman holding hand in front of mouthTo that end, Dr Duke is happy to talk with anxious patients before they even come into the dental surgery. With a telephone call, he believes he can get to know potential patients better, can explain the procedures and can help to waylay most of the anxiety.

Unique Approach to Dental Anxiety in Mirrabooka

Getting to the root of the dental anxiety issue to overcome the anxiety is an exceptional approach, to be sure. This unique system is well-suited to Dr Duke’s compassionate, caring and outgoing personality. When patients finally come in for their first appointment, they generally find that his excellent ‘chairside’ manner enables him to put them at ease.

We Welcome Your Call

If you’re overdue for a dental check-up and clean because you keep putting off scheduling a booking, we welcome your call to Western Smiles Dental Care. Dr Duke is now accepting quick one on one calls and would love to speak with you to help overcome your dental anxiety. Book here to schedule a quick 15-minute chat.