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Needle Free Injection

Local anaesthesia without needle.

The fear of needle injections has been widespread since the development of the conventional syringe in 1853. Experienced dentists are well aware of the different problems associated with the conventional needle syringe: Delay until onset of anaesthesia, painful injections, feelings of fear and anxiety exhibited by patients, tissue damage, and unpleasant numbness of soft tissue, risk of injury with restless or fearful patients.

Western Smiles now offer a solution for previous local anaesthesia problems: a needle-free injection system! The system uses an injection ampoule with a micro orifice through which the anaesthetic is administered under dosed pressure to the submucosa – virtually painless and exactly where it is needed.

Paediatric patients
Children are especially difficult dental patients because they are so very much afraid and cannot understand the purpose of the treatment. Our experienced dentists are able to administer anaesthetic to all deciduous teeth. The shorter onset time also reduces the treatment-induced stress for children. The stress for accompanying parents is also reduced significantly due to the shorter treatment time.

Adult patients
Many adults are afraid of the syringe with needle as well as the pain induced by the dental treatment. This problem can be alleviated with the "needle-free injection". Adults, even those who are highly anxious, report less painful injections with the "needle-free injection" approach and usually request the same service when another treatment is required.