Comfort and Protection

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Professionally-moulded to protect your teeth during contact sports.

Dental injuries are the most common type of oro-facial injuries sustained during sport with the upper central and lateral incisors accounting for approximately 83% of all dental injuries. The importance of wearing mouthguards to reduce such injuries is well researched, however the vast majority of sportspeople, as a result of poor alternatives and the absence of education programmes, have used inferior 'generic' mouthguards purchased on the basis of non-critical factors such as colour and price.

These generic mouthguards neither fit nor protect effectively. The decision to wear a mouthguard while participating in either recreational or professional sport is a complex choice. The nature of the sport (i.e. contact vs non-contact, racquet, stick or ball sport), the position of the participant 'on the field', the level of competition, the age and gender of the sportsperson are all variables which can be used to determine the most suitable style and type of mouthguard to be used.

Unfortunately, most ‘generic’ mouthguards have not been designed to accommodate these basic variables and while sportspeople continue to compromise their safety by purchasing these products there will remain an unacceptable level of preventable dental injury.Only a professional moulded, custom made mouthguard will guarantee the best protection from impacts. Contact Western Smiles today for a professioanl advice.