Dental Restoration

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A simple way to repair a tooth with choices of materials to suit you!

Although a tooth may not give you any problems or be none of your concern at an early stage of decay development, it is much more beneficial for you as a patient to have the problem detected at an early stage. That way, we can help you save your teeth and prevent further damage and save you money $$$ in the long run. Although with modern technology, a number of options are available to replace missing teeth, having your own teeth is the best option available for your health.

Dental fillings are used to restore worn or damaged teeth and treat tooth decay. Dental amalgam (metal alloy) is a strong, inexpensive material that is commonly used for filling teeth, especially the molars (back teeth).

In recent years, alternative tooth-coloured filling materials have also become more common and affordable. Improvements in oral health mean the need for fillings generally is on the decline.

Thorough and regular cleaning of your teeth and a healthy diet can help to eliminate dental decay and avoid the need for fillings. Regular dental check-ups will make sure any problems are identified and treated early.

Filling materials Dental fillings are used to restore teeth and treat tooth decay, especially in the molars (back teeth). These teeth do most of the heavy chewing of the food we eat, so wear and tear is inevitable.

A dentist or oral health professional uses a drill and other instruments to remove the decay. The hole is cleaned and dried, and then sealed with a filling material.

Types of filling material include:

  • Dental amalgam
  • Tooth-coloured fillings